That moment when your thoughts suddenly shift from concept to design, or an overheard conversation triggers your next blog post. The time you heard that inspiring talk that compelled you to transcribe their words. Ideas are what inspire us to write, sketch, take notes. Now your handwriting experience can go from pen and paper to digital precision. From Bamboo comes the third generation of the Bamboo Fineline smart stylus, for those who want to capture, shape and share ideas on an iPad or iPhone. (Check your device compatibility here.)

Performance by Design

Designed specifically for use with iOS devices, the Bamboo Fineline is the perfect tool for writing, note taking or sketching ideas. Built-in pressure sensitivity (for thick lines when you press firmly, and thinner lines from lighter strokes) and a stylish, ergonomic design provides a natural pen-in-hand feel for an authentic handwriting experience—just like pen on paper. The smart stylus is redesigned with a triangular profile to provide a comfortable feel in hand, and the shape prevents it from rolling around your writing surface. A durable yet replaceable fine-point nib is protected by a quick twist to retract it.

Bamboo Fineline Features

Personalized Experience

We all work differently, so the Bamboo Fineline offers a simple-to-use shortcut button to program your stylus to perform the way you want. Do you like having the “undo” option handy or prefer a quick way to go full screen?  In most apps, you can select from a range of functions and assign one to the side switch, saving you time and letting you create your own unique experience.

Seamless Integration

Bamboo Fineline is the ideal stylus for those looking to enhance their writing and note taking experience by pairing with some of your favorite apps like Bamboo Paper, GoodNotes and Noteshelf, among others. Most compatible apps support Bamboo Fineline’s palm rejection too, so you can rest your hand on your iPad without worrying about creating stray marks. It’s simple to get started: just download a compatible app and pair your Bamboo Fineline. The full list of compatible apps includes:


With the free Bamboo Paper app, you can easily write, take notes or sketch, plus the Bamboo Fineline unlocks the Fineline pack that comes with additional tools.  To make the most out of your app use, sign up for Inkspace, Wacom’s cloud solution, and gain access to a web portal where you can save, share and collaborate with others in real time.

Save, Shape and Share with Inkspace

With Inkspace, the cloud service from Wacom, you can access, save and share ideas captured with the Bamboo Fineline anytime, anywhere. Increase your productivity, collaborate with others and organize your creative work all in real time.  Inkspace allows you to do more with your ideas, including the option to export to different formats, for seamless collaboration whether your medium is written or visual. Click here to learn more about Inkspace.

The Bamboo Fineline smart stylus reimagines the handwriting experience for those whose creative expressions require precise performance on their iPad or iPhone. From taking notes to drawing and sketching, the Bamboo Fineline paired with Bamboo Paper and Inkspace allows you to easily capture, shape and share your ideas even when you’re on-the-go.  To explore how you can leverage the possibilities, click here to learn more about Bamboo Fineline. Ready to get started? The Bamboo Fineline is available now at the Wacom estore, Best Buy and Amazon for $59.95 USD.