From the airplane to the subway, the boardroom to the neighborhood coffee shop, a good idea can happen anywhere. Creative thinkers need tools that can not only keep up with their endless stream of ideas, but capture them at the same speed.  For those who relish the convenience of writing with pen on paper but want the freedom to quickly and easily shape, save and share ideas using their Windows Ink devices, the new smart stylus from Bamboo has arrived. Bamboo Ink is the first generation smart stylus optimized for Windows Ink devices to provide precise performance for capturing notes, sketches, drawings and more with smart features to take your ideas further. The ergonomic design provides a natural handwriting feel– just like writing on pen and paper–for an authentic note taking experience.

Your Handwriting, Now Digital

The Bamboo Ink is designed for a premium handwriting experience. The lightweight smart stylus has an ergonomic, triangular shape and a soft-touch surface to create a natural pen-in-hand feel. Built-in pressure sensitivity means that every mark, stroke or note is captured precisely and with three different interchangeable fine-tip nibs: soft, medium or firm, you can choose the one that works best for you.

Bamboo Ink is battery operated (AAAA battery) with an estimated battery life between two and five months (based on typical use), so you’ll always be prepared when inspiration strikes. It comes packaged with a nib kit featuring soft, medium and firm interchangeable tips to ensure the most authentic writing experience for your Windows Ink device. Plus, a built-in nib extractor makes it easy to switch between nibs.

Customized For You

Even the greatest minds worked differently: Gertrude Stein wrote in her car, Benjamin Franklin supposedly took his early morning notes in the nude and Frank Gehry waited to sketch his ideas until they were nearly complete in his head. Our productivity habits are unique so it’s no wonder the best tools for capturing ideas are ones we can personalize. Bamboo Ink has one top button that’s customizable in Windows Ink and two side buttons that can be customized so you can create a shortcut for the functions you need most.

Optimized for Ideas

Bamboo Ink is optimized for Windows Ink so it works with a range of pen-enabled Windows 10 tablets and touchscreen PCs. Whether you’ve just purchased a new Windows pen-enabled device or you’re looking to enhance the functionality of one you already own, this smart stylus offers both flexibility and performance. Bamboo Ink is compatible with both Wacom Active Electrostatic (AES) devices and those with Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP). It currently comes pre-set for AES, but switching to MPP is as simple as pressing and holding both side buttons.

Built-in Compatibility

Bamboo Ink is ready to go when you are:  just pair with your Windows Ink device. To get started with your favorite note-taking or sketching app, just press the top button once to launch the Windows Ink Workspace and instantly get access to Sticky Notes and Screen Sketch. Double click the top button to open Screen Sketch and click and hold the top button to open Sticky Notes.

Save, Shape and Share with Inkspace

With all those ideas taking shape, you need the best way to easily access, edit and share your notes and documents. Wacom’s cloud solution, Inkspace, offers a free and premium version to store and send files to anyone from anywhere.  Inkspace basic gives you 5GB of free storage and a simple way to organize, search and share files.

Bamboo Ink is optimized for Windows Ink devices so you can enjoy new ways to take your notes, sketches or other ideas further. Its ergonomic and intuitive design offers a more authentic and natural writing experience with precision and smart features to enhance your notetaking and sketching.  Just pair with your Windows Ink device and instantly access Windows Ink Workspace to get started right away using Sticky Notes or Screen Sketch. With all those great ideas captured, you’re ready to share them with the world– or maybe just your creative team.

Ready to get started? Bamboo Ink is available at Best Buy and and the Microsoft store and is priced at  $79.95.