When inspiration strikes, it can feel like magic… that is, as long as you’re prepared to let it hit you. When it comes to capitalizing on the creativity inspiration affords, the right tools make all the difference. I mean, you don’t want to be empty-handed should a literal genie manifest with the artistic offer of a lifetime.

Seriously,you just never know with genies.

Wacom Singapore imagines this offbeat scenario in a new video, in which a genie gives two artists the chance to draw their dream car with the promise of making it real. The catch? They have just 30 seconds to render a convincing ride. One chooses paper and crayons, while the other opts for a Bluetooth-powered, pressure sensitive Bamboo Stylus fineline, an iPad and Autodesk’s SketchBook art app. Even if you think you can predict the winner, but you’ll want to watch the full video for the realization of this particular genie’s magic:

You don’t have to have a run-in with wizardry to be enchanted by the productivity-boosting powers of the Bamboo line’s Bamboo Stylus Solo, Bamboo Stylus Duo or Bamboo Stylus fineline pens, however. As this short shows, Wacom’s capacitive and pressure-sensitive tools can help keep you focused in the office:

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