The Bamboo Spark smart folio combines a smart board, a smart ballpoint pen, and regular paper to provide the best pen-to-paper-to-digital creative ecosystem you’ve ever seen. But every ecosystem has a star, and Bamboo Spark’s is the Bamboo Spark pen. With its 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and ability to work not only as a normal ink pen, but also as a digital pen, its practical panache prompts its share of frequent asked questions. Worry not, penthusiasts, as we’ve prepared a handy blog post revealing everything you need to know about Bamboo Spark’s prodigious pen.

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Can I use my own pen or other writing device?

It is necessary to use the Bamboo Spark pen. It contains technology that communicates with the Bamboo Spark.

Does the Bamboo Spark pen have pressure sensitivity?

Yes, the Bamboo Spark supports 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

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Is the Bamboo Spark compatible with other Wacom EMR pens?

The Bamboo Spark is only compatible with the Bamboo Spark pen if you want to use the unit’s full pen-to-paper-to-digital functionality. The Bamboo Spark smart board will technically work with the Bamboo Smart pen, but only for digital input, so we don’t recommend using them together unless you’re looking for “digital invisible ink”.

Will the pen work as a stylus on my other devices?

The Bamboo Spark pen will not work as a stylus on other devices. It is only meant to be used with the Bamboo Spark and using it as a stylus with other devices could cause damage. You wouldn’t write on a Cintiq with a normal ballpoint pen, right?

Can I use my Bamboo Spark pen with another Bamboo Spark?

Yes, you can use your Bamboo Spark pen with another Bamboo Spark. The Bamboo Spark pen is interchangeable like that.

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Ink refill

How do I change the ink refill?

The Bamboo Spark comes with a nib removal tool. Use this tool to pull your ink cartridge out. To refill your ink, simply insert another cartridge in the tip and push to make sure it stays in. Watch this video for an example.

How long does the ink last?

One Bamboo Spark pen ink cartridge lasts approximately 3 months with moderate note taking.

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Where can I buy a refill?

For ink refills, accessories and other product options, go to and click on “Store.”

Are the ink refills unique to the Bamboo Spark?

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Yes, the ink refills that come with the Bamboo Spark are unique to the product. The copper coating on the cartridge helps the communication between the pen and the Bamboo Spark.

Does the Bamboo Spark have different color ink refills?

No, the Bamboo Spark pen currently only comes with black ink.

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