Wake up, make a few (ahem) enhancements to your #LaterGram on your iPhone. Ride into work, mark up a PDF on your Android tablet. We may have our favorite operating systems, but sometimes our favorites aren’t what’s handed over on the first day of work or school. Most of us bounce between devices throughout the day but the accessories we choose don’t move as fluidly as we do.

To get you through your digital day, the Bamboo team created the new Bamboo Tip: a fine tip stylus that works across Android and iOS devices. Want to know if the new Bamboo Tip is right for you? Check out the answers to the six questions below.


Why add a stylus to my toolkit?

Have you ever tried marking up a digital file using a mouse or your fingers? It’s not pretty right? Using a stylus is just like using a pen. Your handwriting looks like you’re used to and it feels better than finger painting on glass. And people will be impressed by your suddenly clear, lovely mark up.

Why should I buy Bamboo Tip?

Bamboo Tip has a fine tip, not a mushy finger replacement nib. It feels more like the pens you use every day. The Bamboo Tip is made by Wacom, the company that has more than 30 years of digital pen leadership. The Wacom engineers used all of this experience to create the Bamboo Tip, a smart stylus that improves touch screen detection for reliable accuracy while you’re writing.

Bamboo Tip’s 20-hour battery life and easy charging make it extremely portable. The stylus is designed to feel great in your hand and to be simple to use.  After an initial charge, simply press the button on the stylus to turn on the Bamboo Tip. A switch at the top of the stylus helps users fine tune performance by automatically changing the frequency at which the stylus communicates with a device. For most devices, keep the switch in the up position. For some iPad Pros, set it to the lower position.


Why is Bamboo Tip different than other smart styluses?

Just like your favorite apps, smart styluses are usually only compatible with one operating system. The Bamboo Tip works across many Android and iOS devices, making it more compatible with your digital life.

How much is the Bamboo Tip?

In the US, the Bamboo Tip is $49.95.

Where can I learn more about the Bamboo Tip?

Check out our product page here.

Where can I buy the Bamboo Tip?

The Bamboo Tip is available at Amazon, Wacom estore and your favorite retailers.