Digital handwriting, sketching and note taking just became even more natural on your iPad. The latest update to Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app on iOS devices not only conforms to the way you lay down your lines, but now also the way you hold your pen.

Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus fineline and Intuos Creative Stylus 2 are designed to make writing, sketching and note taking on the iPad a fluid and intuitive experience. By implementing new handedness options in Bamboo Paper, the app recognizes your unique style, providing minimal offset between a user’s pen tip and the pixels on their screen.

To access the handedness features, users can begin by downloading the latest update to Bamboo Paper from Apple’s iTunes App Store. After the update is successfully installed, users simply open the app and follow the new connectivity instructions.

Choosing Your Handedness in Bamboo Paper 1

First, the app asks users to identify as either left handed or right handed.

Choosing Your Handedness in Bamboo Paper 2

Next, users are prompted to turn on their Intuos Creative Stylus 2 or Bamboo Stylus fineline by pressing the pen’s corresponding side switch. The LED light on the pen will blink, indicating that it’s ready to be paired. From there users can press their pen tip to the connectivity portal, which pairs the devices in just a few seconds.

Choosing Your Handedness in Bamboo Paper 3

Once connected, users can enter the Bamboo Paper app and refine their handedness further by choosing one of the six new writing posture modes. To access these modes, users can click the connectivity icon in the toolbar located at the top of the screen.

Choosing Your Handedness in Bamboo Paper 4

Each writing posture is indicated by an icon. Users can choose the icon that looks closest to the way they hold a stylus when writing, tap it with their stylus, and begin writing. Since everyone has a unique writing posture, users can alternate between the six different modes at any time to see what’s most comfortable for them by repeating the same process at any point while using Bamboo Paper.

With the proper handedness selected, users can get to work writing, sketching and taking notes. All done? Don’t worry, Bamboo Paper will remember your handedness settings.

For more on the new handedness features in Bamboo paper, visit the iTunes App Store.

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