Bamboo Spark‘s most requested app feature is now available to download. Beginning today, Bamboo Spark supports handwriting to text conversion, giving users the ability to write on paper, save their work to the cloud, and then convert their handwriting into convenient standard text files. It’s just one more way Bamboo Spark continues to deliver the best pen-to-paper-to-digital experience.

Bamboo Spark is your gateway to move your notes faster. Start writing on paper, then use the Bamboo Spark app with Wacom Cloud to turn your handwritten notes into plain text. Now your notes are in shareable shape for sending out in email or dropping into your archive on DropBox or Evernote.

Bamboo Spark’s new handwriting to text function is powered by MyScript and provides advanced search capabilities, allowing one to search by single words, phrases or strings of text from the Bamboo Spark app. 

Creating standard text files from handwritten notes in the Bamboo Spark App is a simple export to text function that resides in the application itself. Additionally, older files stored in Inkspace, Wacom’s Cloud based archive and delivery system, can still be converted to text files through Wacom’s Ink Layer Language (WILL).

Inkspace also provides advanced search capabilities, allowing one to search by single words, phrases or stings of text. Ink to text conversion is supported in 13 languages: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Download the new ink to text conversion feature as part of the newly available Bamboo Spark app update now for more ways to make ideas with handwriting to text.

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