You’ve written that thing down so you don’t forget. But you’ve forgotten where you put that note that would help you remember.

You’re not alone: 60% of us lose notes that we’ve written, or forget where we wrote them.

The Bamboo team asked people from those in their 20’s to those in their 50’s about their note taking habits and saw that most take notes daily (70% of respondents).

So what are people writing every day?  The most popular reason people took notes was so they don’t “forget something that I’ve seen or heard,” and the second “when I’ve remembered something.”  In both cases, it seems that note takers want to make a note immediately, so as not to forget what they’ve seen or remembered.  It’s often quicker to write it on a piece of paper rather than get out the smartphone.

Despite all the note taking, people still forget where they put the notes with all of that important must-remember information. More than 6 out of 10 people replied yes to: “Have you ever been unable to find the note itself and can’t remember where you wrote it?”

What if you could search handwritten notes like you search your email: with a few keywords. More than 60% of people said yes, they’d like to do that too.

So who are the people who lose all of these notes? Frequent note takers suffer the most from lost-note syndrome. Those who have a messy computer desktop come in a close second.

What’s the solution to all of these lost notes? Bamboo smartpads are perfect for those who lose notes (AKA most anyone who takes notes). Bamboo smartpads are smart notebooks that work with your own paper; frequent note takers get the speed they’re used to when they reach for that scrap of paper. All notes are saved within the smart folio. Press a button and your notes are now in your phone. Notes can be archived and searched (like you would search your email) with a paid Inkspace subscription. No more lost note syndrome.

Bonus: Write a note with a Bamboo smartpad and with a paid Inkspace subscription, you can export your handwritten notes to rich text, or to an .SVG file to work on digitally.

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