Resolutions: They’re complicated. There are 364 other days to make resolutions, but we choose to make them on a single day. Here at Bamboo headquarters, we’re a mixed resolution bag. One of us made a resolution years ago to tell anyone and everyone when they had something on their face (or in their nose). Because she’s kept this resolution for at least a decade, she doesn’t feel the need to make more resolutions. Two of us have succumbed to the Whole 30, like every single other person on Instagram. Needless to say, those two are insufferable. But everyone we’ve spoken to has agreed to tackle two big things this year: getting organized and staying creative.

Why staying creative and not getting creative? Here at Bamboo, we’re of the opinion that everyone is creative and it’s just a matter of how it comes out. Perhaps your creativity is a handwritten card, or a list of all of the places you’d like to travel. As to getting organized – who among us doesn’t have three million stickies and random bits of paper stuffed in bags, pockets and even coffee mugs? You don’t? Oh. Okay. Neither do we.

We may not be the experts in getting organized or staying creative, but we have partnered with several fantastic people who are experts in getting organized and staying creative. We asked them to write about how they’re tackling their work, organization and creativity. Check out their fantastic posts below.

Stand Up and Time Block

The savvy entrepreneurs at Create and Cultivate offer tips on getting more done with less multi-tasking.

Prioritize Prioritizing

B is for Bonnie guides us to not let distractions pull you away from what’s important.

Find Your Creativity in Nature

Artist Peggy Dean shows us how to draw botanicals.

Live Mode on Bamboo Slate

Peggy Dean shows how live mode works on Bamboo Slate.