Ready for your smartphone to take some of the class load off your shoulders? Smartphones — meet Bamboo Spark. Bamboo Spark is a pen and paper notebook that saves all of your notes and equations digitally as you write them. After you’ve taken your notes or worked through your math equations, they’re available on your smart phone. From there you can add them to your OneNote Class Notebook, or Google Classroom, or for written notes, sign up for a Wacom Cloud account where you can turn them in plain text and add them to a Word doc.

Sound too good to be true? Check out what five college students are saying about Bamboo Spark.

How students use Bamboo Spark
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“Recently I got to try the Wacom Bamboo Spark and it has revolutionized my organizational system. The Bamboo Spark is a smart folio that allows you to write with pen and paper and then send those notes digitally to your phone or computer. This combines my need to physically write things and keep my lists organized all in one place.”


Student use Bamboo Spark
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With Bamboo Spark, “you get the benefits of writing notes by hand, yet the ease of storing them all in one place and on your different devices as well. I’m extremely excited for this! And it works on any paper, with any device.”


Student review Bamboo Spark
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“I am impressed with how “smart” the Bamboo Spark is, not only can it take a pdf of my notes and send it to my laptop, it can transfer my notes into a word document where I can then add or edit anything I have written during class. This is a great feature when it comes time to writing an essay, because you can use your notes as an outline to get you started. My friends have been loving my Bamboo Spark because if anyone misses class, I can easily email them a pdf or a word document of that day’s notes.”


Student reviews Bamboo Spark
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“(When) I use the Spark in class, I can write everything down by hand (which is better for your memory, by the way), and then keep it on file for when I need it at the end of the semester. Best of both worlds, right? It’s also a lot lighter than my laptop, so I can just (carefully) throw it in my bag and go without having to decide which books or items are expendable for a long day walking back and forth across campus.”


Student reviews Bamboo Spark
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“Wacom (a seriously awesome tech company based out of Japan) sent me this cloud-saving, computer-connecting notepad called Bamboo Spark… It looks like a tablet case, but when you open it you’ll find an old fashioned notebook that does a lot more than you think…This is particularly helpful for when you need your grocery list or to-do list saved in various places. Also, if you’re the kind of person that needs to write things down to remember them, but doesn’t want to carry a big notebook.”


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