Tevin Bloise’s mission is to “convert energy into crazy good looking concepts.” By day, he is a graphic designer at New York’s innovative shared workplace for entrepreneurs, Alley. At night, he works on personal projects, including his latest, a hand drawn typeface. Tevin brings all of these ideas alive with his Bamboo Spark.

“Bamboo Spark is super intuitive and simple to use. Each day I use it for notes, sketches, drafts, drawing. Everything!” Tevin continues, “Now that my thoughts are on paper, it’s easy to reference Bamboo Spark in meetings, and to backtrack to see what I’ve done. Plus, having everything archived allows me to refine later.”

Bamboo Spark Transitions from Business to Inspiration

In his day job, Tevin takes notes with his Bamboo Spark, and with the press of a button stores project management documents for future polishing. Capturing all of the important takeaways with his smart notebook allows him to track team assignments. Being organized and capturing things on the fly allows him more time to do what he loves: draw. With his work saved to the Wacom cloud, he has the space to capture, shape and share his work at his convenience.

At lunch, he spends 10 minutes using Bamboo Spark as a sketch break, making certain to lock himself away most days to let his mind wander and his imagination run free. This tool has become an important part of Tevin’s work-life balance. He can turn off his mind and turn on his Spark to sketch out his next assignment, or simply sketch something for fun, which allows him to stay focused when he returns to his desk, and the challenges of the office.

Time management is critical to his workday and each weekday is different for Tevin whether he is creating collateral, signage or stationary for Alley team.  Bamboo Spark is the last device he touches before going home. He creates a to-do list and plan of attack for the following day before he leaves the office each night.

Tevin found Alley by chance after time as a freelancer and ad man and was immediately attracted to its “community of like-minded people making a difference in the world and I wanted to be a part of it.” His advice to young professionals and artists is always to, “be yourself and opportunities will come your way.”

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