Word has it that there are people who simply continue living at home and wait until nature takes its course so that they can become the main tenant … However, most people actually take the first steps into their own life when they move away to college. The key to this is: a new home. For many, this is the first time in their life that they will move. And the rest are probably organizing the move for themselves for the first time. What will happen with their childhood bedroom? How can the comforts of home be transferred to the new place? What furniture must be purchased? And will it even all fit – in terms of the space, color and needs?

One thing is for sure: moving is an organizational feat that many greater beings have failed to master in the past. Their first mistake? They did not first make a plan. And particularly those moving for the first time will need a few tips to make the move smoothly.

Create an organization center

Be it a notepad, old whiteboard, desktop computer or your iPad. For those who cannot decide between handwritten or digital files or simply want BOTH, then the Bamboo smartpad works too. For your organization center to work, everything – and really everything – that you write, jot down or plan for your move must be recorded there. Save it all in the cloud so you have it accessible anytime you’re out buying new items or at a friend’s apartment who has great style.

Begin at the end: your new flat

Rather than thinking about what you want to take with you from your old room, try imagining your new home instead: what will you need there? What would make you feel at home? What do you have space for? We recommend preparing a sketch first. A rough sketch is enough if you also include the exact room measurements. You can then decide whether each of your existing items of furniture will fit into your new place. One advantage for those using the Bamboo smartpads is that it’s possible to upload the floor plan to Inkspace and then add furniture placeholders in the edit mode, which allows you to play with different layout options.

Create lists: for everything from shopping to things to do

Perhaps you already suspected as much – or perhaps not? Even if you tend to be a little disorganized rather than a stickler for order, a comparatively complex undertaking such as a move calls for lists! All kinds of lists. You are able to make a note of what you must still purchase for your new flat. You can decide what you need to arrange to be disposed of. And you can create a to-do list. To maintain an overview, ideally create several lists – one for each type of task. You will then be able to keep track of

  • What you need to get done before the move (obtain boxes, paint flat, etc.)
  • What you need to do on the day of your move (dismantle bed, feed your helpers, etc.)
  • What important tasks need to be completed after moving into your new flat (register, introduce yourself to the neighbours, etc.)

Check out this video for how to make a to-do list:

Throw a house-warming party!

Have you now ticked off all the to-dos on your list, registered, been food shopping and know how to get from your new flat to the university? Then it’s time to celebrate! And because you’re now an expert in writing lists, you can begin another – with a guest list and your party to-dos. Instantly making things easier for yourself.