The right idea can strike at any moment: when you’re doodling during a meeting or listening to a lecture in class. What if you could capture that idea and take it to the next level?  The new Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio smartpads are reimagining the way we take notes, merging the simplicity of pen and paper with the power of digital. Whether note taking, sketching or drawing, you can shape and share your ideas with just the press of a button. And with a paid subscription to Wacom’s cloud solution, Inkspace, you can move your handwriting to text, export to vector, or export to your favorite apps such as Evernote and OneNote or save to your Dropbox folders.

Read on to learn how Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate can help you:

    • Save time with handwriting to text in Inkspace*
    • Export files to your favorite apps
    • Enhance your ideas with vector (.SVG) output*
    • Access work anywhere with Inkspace

About Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate

The Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate smartpads fuse the ease of writing on pen and paper with digital technology to transform thoughts to ideas. The pressure-sensitive smart notebook and smart pen work with 1024 levels of pressure so your digital notes look just like your handwriting. Boost your productivity at school, work or anywhere you want with your Bamboo smartpad thanks to approximately 8 hours of continuous battery life.

The Bamboo smartpads let you write as you would normally, using the smart pen with any paper and your own smart phone or tablet. Write, sketch, draw and doodle, then press the button to save digitally. Files can be saved locally (up to 100 pages) on your Bamboo smartpad or to any Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android mobile device. Review and edit files with the Bamboo Paper app or save and access notes from anywhere with Wacom’s cloud solution, Inkspace.

The Bamboo Folio is compatible with any notebook paper sized A4 (8.27 in. x 11.7 in.) or A5 (5.83 in x 8.27 in) no more than 80 pages thick.

The Bamboo Slate comes in two sizes: letter and half-letter for a lightweight, on-the-go solution.

Both the Bamboo Folio and the Bamboo Slate come with a smart pen with extra refill, notepad, micro USB cable and a quick start guide.

Bamboo smartpads smart notebook

Bamboo Slate smartpad

Enhance your Ideas

Sometimes a simple thought just needs a little color to become a big idea. Draw pen on paper, then use your Inkspace Plus subscription to export your sketch to vector for further refinement. Download the Bamboo Paper app and easily highlight notes to review with your classmates later, add annotations to a rendering of a new product design or draw a new logo for your personal blog. Or just save for later when inspiration strikes!  It’s simple to add color, strokes or highlights with editable digital ink that enhances any idea.

Save time and Collaborate

Say goodbye to retyping notes. With Inkspace Plus, you can save your handwriting, including bullet points, parenthesis and underlines, as rich text. Now you have more time to make your ideas even stronger. Save your notes, drawings or ideas to Inkspace, the Wacom cloud, and share with friends, classmates or colleagues anywhere.

Export to Your Favorite Apps

Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate work with leading productivity apps such as Bamboo Paper, Evernote and OneNote as well as file-sharing programs such as Dropbox so you can access, edit and share your files with ease. Plus, with Bamboo Paper, ideas captured are automatically synced to Inkspace, the Wacom cloud solution, so you don’t need to save manually.

Access Files Anywhere with Inkspace

Start, stop and resume work on any smart phone, tablet or computer with Inkspace.  With Inkspace you get the freedom to work anywhere so you can edit on your laptop and access later on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.  With the Inkspace web portal you can sync files across your smart devices and export content to .SVG (requires an Inkspace Plus subscription), .JPG, .PNG, .PDF and WILL formats and store up to 5GB—6,000+ pages of notes!

Lincoln Design Co. using Bamboo Slate and an Intuos Pro in their brand design work.
Lincoln Design Co. using Bamboo Slate and an Intuos Pro in their brand design work.


To get started turning your thoughts into ideas, learn more about Bamboo Folio or Bamboo Slate.

Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate are available in the Wacom estore, Amazon, Best Buy and Apple.

*Requires a paid Inkspace subscription.