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Traditional input with the power of digital output. The tools you know and love for capturing your ideas anywhere can now push your creativity everywhere. Bamboo Spark is born.

Bamboo Spark powers up the authentic pen and paper experience with the digital features you use everyday on your smartphone, tablet and computer. It’s a smart folio with a smart ballpoint pen, a spot for your favorite paper, and your mobile device. Write or sketch by hand, press a button on the center of the folio, and your ideas are saved as to the Bamboo Spark app on your favorite Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android device. From there you can keep working on your many of your apps of choice — including Bamboo Paper, Evernote and Dropbox  — and continue wherever creativity takes you thanks to the Wacom Cloud.

Write Your Way

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Bamboo Spark delivers a true pen-on-paper experience after you’ve downloaded the Bamboo Spark app on your iOS or Android device. The premium 8 x 10″ neoprene smart folio holds the Bamboo Spark pen and your choice of almost any A5 (5.83 x 8.27″) paper. The paper sits on top of Bamboo Spark’s built-in Electro-Magnetic Resonance board, which works with the Bamboo Spark pen to capture your ideas with 1024 levels of pressure-sensitive precision.

Bamboo Spark Pen

With approximately eight hours of continuous battery life, you can take notes for about a full workday before recharging Bamboo Spark’s internal battery via its USB connection.

Transfer to Your Digital Device

Spark Snap Fit

Once you’ve made your mark on the paper in your Bamboo Spark, press the single circular button located in the center of the folio. Doing so saves your work as a page in the Bamboo Spark app, which holds up to 100 pages at a time. Forget your smartphone or tablet? Not to worry, the folio saves your data for your next sync even in offline mode.

Continue on the Wacom Cloud with Inkspace

You can continue working on your notes digitally via the Bamboo Spark app, or export them to apps including Bamboo Paper, Evernote and a host of other apps. For storage and more, Bamboo Spark supports both Dropbox and the new Inkspace platform.



Wacom’s cloud-based web portal for Mac and PC, serves as a storage and organization outlet for your creations. Bamboo Spark content can be saved as .JPGs or.PDFs, or the soon-to-be industry standard WILL™ universal ink files. This component of the Bamboo Spark ecosystem ensures you’re never without access to your ideas.

Spark Options

Bamboo Spark Boxes

Bamboo Spark is available in three models, each retailing for $159.95 through the Wacom eStore and other retailers.

Smart folio with snap-fit for iPad Air 2
A smart folio designed to fit the iPad Air 2.

Smart folio with gadget pocket
A smart folio with space to carry your iOS or Android smart phone or extra paper.

Smart folio with tablet sleeve
A smart folio with a flexible sleeve to hold a tablet with a screen up to 9.7 diagonal inches wide.

Ink cartridges are designed to deliver three months of regular daily use, with refill three-packs available for $9.99.

See Spark in Action

Watch the unboxing process to see how easy it is to get started with Bamboo Spark.


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