Written by Francie King

Sometimes an idea lives in the sand under our feet, or waits in the waves. A glimpse of greatness is seen in the glow of the firelight, waiting to be discovered. Ben Jacobsen, owner of Jacobsen Salt Co., found his passion by fortuitous accident. During time living abroad, he realized that he appreciated food and that finishing salt was something simple that created complicated flavors. Jacobsen was inspired, and a business idea began, taking him out of his comfort zone, and eventually to success. His team is the first to harvest sea salt in Oregon since Lewis and Clark. Their process begins in Netarts Bay, one of the most beautiful, rugged places on earth. Jacobsen’s team has a proprietary process for getting the most flavor from the salt, taking it directly from the Bay to their processing center. After several weeks of heating, cooling and other tricks of the trade, it’s ready to distribute globally, offering people internationally a taste of the Pacific Ocean, and the great Pacific Northwest.

Harvesting an Idea

For Jacobsen’s team the ideas continue to be plucked from the earth and then fashioned with guidance from local farmers and restaurant owners into something delicious. Not only do they offer kosher sea salt, candies, bagel chips, and other products, Jacobsen Salt is now expanding into the flavoring business. Recently they launched a taco seasoning with Williams Sonoma, and Bamboo got to see the process from ideation to creation. “We’re always thinking about new ways to work better and smarter, and how to collaborate on new products that our community will enjoy,” says Matthew Domingo, Director of Sales. “We’re part of the greatest community and feel lucky to work with vendors, chefs, restaurants, stores and friends to create great products and in turn making great flavors.”

The ideas flow at Jacobsen Salt Co, freely and continuously, like the waves of the ocean. To continue to nurture and develop them, the team builds upon each other’s ideas. “Prior to this, I wrote on pen and paper, and now I use Bamboo Spark. I like the tactile feel of it.” Jacobsen continues. “Ideas can happen at any time. A lot of them come from our trips to the coast or from conversations with friends around the campfire. Bamboo Spark lets us quickly share those ideas with the entire team and collaborate instantaneously and easily. No idea is discouraged as you never know where this journey will take you.”


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