By John Gannon

A few months ago I wrote a post about my morning routine of generating 10 ideas a day that went viral.

I had been typing those ideas directly into Evernote each morning. But then the fine folks from Wacom reached out to me to ask if I’d be willing to give their Bamboo smartpads a try.

Here’s what happened next…

I Slowed Down

I can type a lot faster that I can write. And as a busy entrepreneur, anything that makes me faster is a good thing.

But when you’re trying to reflect on the previous day and come up with ideas about the next big thing, pulling back and slowing down can be a great thing.

That’s what I’ve found since I started using the Bamboo smartpad as the backbone of my morning routine.

My brain goes to a more relaxed place when I’m writing pen-to-paper instead of punching notes into my computer (where distractions are abound).

And I like that place.

Integration Was a Snap

Even though I’m using the Bamboo smartpad, I still want to keep all of my journal entries in Evernote. After all, I’m a tech entrepreneur 🙂

The Inkspace iPhone app makes it really easy to export my journal entries as images. Then I can share those images right into Evernote — where they get saved to the cloud and become text searchable.

I’m Using It More (And More)

I’ve started to bring my Bamboo smartpad to meetings instead of my laptop. It makes for a more natural experience in terms of note taking – and keeps my nose out of the computer where I can get easily distracted by the latest email or alert coming in.

I’m also going to start using it to sketch out mockups and concepts for marketing campaigns and product features that I dream up. I often find that using pen and paper instead of going straight to PowerPoint or another mockup tool is much better at the earliest phases of ideation.

What’s Next?

My company BEMAVEN is growing fast and I’m looking forward to having the Bamboo smartpads as my companion on the journey — wherever it takes me.