Starting to make your list? Or have you checked it twice, and now you’re trying to find the time to check everyone’s names off. Let us make it super easy for you to buy a gift for someone on your list. Here are four picks for gifts less than $100 to make your holiday shopping easier…

Bamboo Slate: Analog outside, digital inside.  

Bamboo Slate is a smart notebook that allows you to write or sketch using pen and paper, while saving your notes digitally. Search, edit or save your handwritten notes as text right from your smartphone.

Buy this for: Your digitally distracted college student, the paper shuffler with sticky notes attached everywhere, the corporate-type who refers to their notebook as a second brain, the person who’s constantly retyping their handwritten notes, the idealist who’s out to change the world.

Intuos Art Small: Digital art made intuitive

Intuos Art Small is the answer for people who want to get into creating digital art. It’s a tablet that feels as close to paper as you can get (no cold glass) and a pressure-sensitive digital pen designed to act and feel better than your favorite inking pen.

Buy this for: The person still using a mouse to scratch out vague shapes, the Instagrammer who’s ready to take it to Lightroom, the art store aficionado who owns all. the. pens.

Bamboo Ink: Smart Stylus Optimized for Windows 10  

Bamboo Ink is the smart stylus for Windows Ink. It works across a broad range of pen-enabled Windows 10 devices, so you don’t even need to surreptitiously sneak over to your loved one’s desk and quietly take stock of their laptop and then jump neck-deep into the internet rabbit hole.

Buy this for: The Windows devotee, the Power Point maverick, the one who misses the smell of red ink on the printed page.


Bamboo Sketch: Fine tip stylus for iOS

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. We think the Bamboo Sketch is the best smart stylus for the person with an iOS device. Your pal can keep it in the carrying case, and when inspiration strikes, take out the Bamboo Sketch and an iPhone or iPad and capture their idea with the tools at hand.

Buy this for: The Apple fan boy/girl, the person who stops mid-stride because an idea has landed, the notebook binge-buyer.