There’s a common myth that most humans use only about 10% of our brains. Though it’s been debunked, the belief suggests a collective admission that we don’t always live up to our potential.  Whether it’s learning a new language or how to perfect your kitchen knife skills, there are endless opportunities for us to push ourselves further.  When it comes to our devices, we often overlook many features beyond basic functionality and end up missing a host of ways they can help us work smarter and more freely. For example, the Bamboo Folio and the Bamboo Slate are smartpads that turn handwritten notes or sketches into digital files so you can easily shape, save and share. Though they’re easy to use,  why not learn how to take them further? Read on for a few tips to make your Bamboo Folio or Bamboo Slate go all the way.

Bamboo smartpads: Take it to Go

For many, the traditional office environment has given way to mobile meetings and remote conference calls. When you’re on the go, lugging a laptop or carrying a tattered notebook isn’t the most convenient or reliable way to take notes. With the Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate, you can work wherever you are.  Did you know you can save up to 100 pages of notes locally and sync later when you’re connected to your smartphone or tablet?  So, if you’re a landscape designer meeting a client on site, you can quickly sketch out ideas for that hardscaped backyard and later, add comments and send when you’re back in the office. Because ideas aren’t confined to four walls, these Bamboo smartpads are the perfect solution for those who live on location and want to maximize their notetaking and sketching experience.

Notes to the Max

Whether a student or a professional, an artist or an engineer, notetaking is likely part of your daily routine and most can attest to the benefits of handwritten notes: better retention, comprehension and more. Using a Bamboo smartpad, you can write or sketch as you would normally with a regular pen and paper but with the benefit of saving your files digitally. Suddenly, those analog outputs are transformed into living files, which for avid notetakers, means easy access to save, edit and share files. Each time you finish a page, push the multi-function button to upload your notes before starting a few page. Forget to upload before starting a new page? Don’t worry,  you  can return to those pages and organize later.

When you export your notes to a host of leading notetaking apps such as Evernote and OneNote, you can organize, annotate and tag your files from anywhere.  Just select the file you want to export to your favorite app, such as OneNote (in PDF, .JPG, .PNG or WILL formats) and then choose the notebook where you want to save your files. With Inkspace– Wacom’s cloud solution that comes in a basic and premium version– you can also quickly search for keywords and phrases instead of flipping through pages of notes.  Plus, highlight sections and flag passages for follow-up– an ideal option for students or anyone who wants to reference their notes on the regular.

Doodles for Days

A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s especially true for anyone whose ideas take shape when they’re doodled, drawn or sketched. The Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate work just like drawing with a regular pen and paper but with so much more. Draw a little, save your work and return to it when the mood strikes. Easily add color, change the thickness of your strokes (these smartpads detect pressure; press lightly for thin strokes, harder for thicker) or even draw in “layers” by uploading pages separately (when saved as Vector files) and then combining in the Inkspace app. Want to livestream your sketches or project to an audience? With the Live Mode in the Inkspace app, you can draw on paper and have your work appear simultaneously on your tablet or connected screen. The beauty of the Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate is that you can make them work the way you want them to. Engineers can replace the notepad with grid paper to guide their sketches and fine artists who normally photograph their work or scan and upload to get a digital file, can now work directly on regular paper and get an editable, digital file. Casual doodler? Draw, shape and share holiday cards, create a digital scrapbook or add color and texture to your daughter’s hand-drawn super hero sketch.

Collaborate and Share

Want to make a great idea better? Share it! More people means more brain power. With the Bamboo Folio and the Bamboo Slate, it’s easy to collaborate whether brainstorming, sketching out a prototype or drafting a proposal. Using compatible apps such as OneNote, you can save work in a shared notebook and control who can view or edit.  Or save files to Dropbox and easily access drawings, diagrams, notes and more. With the Inkspace app, you get instant access to up to 5GB of storage and a simple way to organize, search and share files with whomever you want.


Edit notes or sketches, annotate, highlight text, add colors, merge or split existing pages of notes plus 5GB of storage– that’s room for about 6,000 pages of notes or sketches– all with a free Inspakce account! Or for a low monthly fee, upgrade to Inkspace Plus to get 50GB of storage (60,000+ pages of notes) and unlock premium features such as converting handwritten notes to text. Additionally, you can export your drawings or diagrams to scalable vector files (.SVG) for further editing. Try it for free with a three-month subscription and see what works for you.

For doodles or notetakers who prefer the pen on paper experience but want the freedom to convert their work into digital files, the Bamboo Folio and the Bamboo Slate can take your handwritten notes and sketches further. Export files in JPG, PNG, PDF, and WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language) file formats directly to Inkspace or work with leading apps like Dropbox, Evernote, or OneNote. Capture, collaborate and share using your Bamboo Folio or Bamboo Slate and discover all the ways you can make the most of your ideas.